Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Flooded subway in Brooklyn, from the Daily Mail UK

Those interested in helping victims of the Frankenstorm "Sandy" in New York City should visit the following sites:

• on Facebook, comrades of the Occupy movement have established "Occupy Sandy Relief NYC" as a clearinghouse. They've established food kitchens in the flooded neighborhoods of Red Hook and Rockaway.

• working with Occupy folks and established community organizations, has established three relevant pages for hard-hit neighborhoods, which include portals for donations.
The Lower East Side Recovers
Red Hook Recovers
Astoria Recovers

• It's capitalism. Great article on Kasama, "How the 1% Created a Monster."

My neighborhood lucked out this time. Lots of wind but only minor tree damage. We've had electricity the whole time. But many of my friends in Manhattan have been flooded out or stranded without power or heat. 

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