Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Self-organize - conflict - revolution from almasri.altervista.org

I don't know anything about the Italian website behind this beautiful poster but it seems like an auspicious way to start the new year. "Self-organization" check. "Conflict" check. "Revolution" check. And that's Lenin, who despite all the valid critiques that might be made, still led the world's first successful overthrow of capitalism.

As I wrote to friends, "I am grateful for a life-changing year, especially for rediscovering the hope of a better world, and for the joy in meeting comrades along the way. I've certainly felt challenges, limitations, and bumps in the road — not to mention my old-man knees — and I expect plenty of these in the future as well. If I have worries for my own future — the usual necessary distractions of money, employment and health — I enter the new year with profound optimism for the struggle for that new world. Not because our enemies are weak, they are most assuredly anything but that, but because we are finding our collective strength. The world might look like it's going all to hell, but that is still reversible. I know much about 2013 will be difficult, but I intend to spend more time organizing than mourning. How about you?

Oh and because some things really need to be said: fuck capitalism. fuck the republicans. fuck the democrats. fuck barack obama. fuck mayor bloomberg. fuck hilary clinton. fuck christine quinn. fuck the nypd. fuck the state. fuck bigotry. fuck racism. fuck rape. fuck every lying, murdering oppressive government in the whole world. fuck drones. fuck the entire machinery of state repression. and not in a good way. #revolution."

Happy new year! Hasta la victoria siempre!

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