Sunday, January 20, 2013

Occupy Sunset Park: Unity Day 2!

For the second year, my neighborhood Occupy group "Occupy/Ocupemos Sunset Park" will be holding a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday.

Organized in coalition with Occupy Sandy and a number of community organizations mostly from neighborhood's large Latino-immigrant population, the event is meant to frame a discussion of Unity in the context of continuing struggle and resistance. In the aftermath of Hurricane Dandy, we're hoping to address the everyday "slow hurricane" that is life in working class communities like this one under an austerity capitalism that is less and less able to provide for its citizens.

The event will have speeches and small group conversations, framed by an Afro-Caribbean opening ceremony and an indigenous Mexicayotl closing ceremony, and a performance by the Puerto Rican independista hip-hop group Welfare Poets. It's gonna be a busy day!

Click on the posters to embiggen them and see all the details. I was lucky enough to design them...even though it's definitely way text heavy I'm proud of the design.

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