Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's not the heat it's the white supremacy

The George Zimmerman trial, aka the trial of Trayvon Martin for his own murder, has gone to the jury. The jury of 5 white and 1 Hispanic women. In the racist state of Florida.

Organizers are preparing for a verdict:

"A verdict is coming in the trial of George Zimmerman, for the cold-blooded murder of Trayvon Martin. We don’t know what the mostly white jury will decide, but this much we do know: there will be NO justice for Trayvon or the thousands of others like him....

We ask you to stand up on your block, in your community, in your city and join us in the streets at 6pm on the day of the verdict, regardless of what it is. Come to express your sorrow, your rage, and your continuing demand for justice for Trayvon and beyond.

The legal system won’t save us, as the California Hunger Strikers remind us.

The clergy won’t save us, and some are already teaming up with the police to prevent the righteous anger of the people from being expressed.

The politicians damn sure won’t save us.
Only we can save us."
Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee

Graphic from organizers in New York City.

"This system will give its verdict. Then we will give ours.... 

No one has a right to hunt a young man (like an animal) just because he fears and loathes black people. And then force a confrontation, and then shoot that young man.... The right and wrong here are not complicated all. This was murder. Racist murder. 

There is no crime in this country more intolerable, more embedded, more prettified than racist murder. Time's up. It's been up. Let's end it, together. Power to the people." — Mike Ely on Kasama

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