Tuesday, August 01, 2006

peace for palestine/peace for the world

sorry. the problem is the state of israel. a bunch of settlers from europe and the united states can't hop on over to the middle east, steal some land, and expect gratitude.

establish the united republic of palestine, in all of pre-1967 israel, gaza and the former jordanian west bank. (golan goes back to syria). here's the rule: one person, one vote. separation of church and state. (hey it works most of the time everywhere else). right of citizenship and return for palestinian arabs and their descendents evicted in 1948. right of citizenship and return for jews in the diaspora. no evictions from property legally transferred to the current owners in the past sixty years. capital in jerusalem. move the united nations to jerusalem with guardianship of christian, jewish and muslim holy places. constitution with guaranteed multi-national character and prohibition of discrimination based on ethnicity, national origin or religion. banning of private militias and armies. dismantling of israeli defence force. establishment of national constabulary with mandated equity across ethnic and religious lines. ten-year truth and reconciliation commission. mandatory national service for all residents at age of 18, no exception.

woo-hoo. no more war.

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