Wednesday, August 02, 2006

sorry. bang. sorry. bang. sorry.

so the whole world is shocked--shocked!--at the death of innocents in lebanon. even bush says it is "awful." thank God israel has apologized. "sorry we killed your children. sorry we killed your sisters. sorry we killed your mother. sorry we killed your grandmother. so sorry." in further news, israel announced it would also kill your brother, your father, your son, your neice, your nephew. "we will apologize, i'm sure," said a government spokesperson.

a rabbi--and i'm not making this one up--said that the death of the innocents in kfar qana was the 100% responsibilty of hezbollah, not israel.

funny, when I was a child, and did something bad, "he made me do it" wasn't a very good excuse. I was taught that "i'm sorry" needed to be followed by the intention not to do whatever i had done again.

israel is very sorry. again.

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