Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ugly americans

finally the u.s. house of representatives is debating some of the disaster that has taken place in iraq since george bush attacked. I'm torn between being glad that some of the dirty laundry is being aired and being shocked that somehow the internal affairs of another country are now the daily debate in the u.s. government. i wonder what it's like to be a dancing puppet like the iraqi government, especially given their untenable position of one string pulled by the u.s. and the other pulled by iran. In the end millions more people in the world will have even more cause to hate americans.

so here's another scan from a 1971 Chinese children's book. Yes, that shows a little Vietnamese boy throwing a hand grenade and blowing up american soldiers. You would have to hate the united states an awful lot to generate that kind of proopaganda. Saddest of all, "we" never seem to learn.

i restate it: every single death--soldier, civilian, iraqi, american, terrorist, innocent, woman, man, child--is squarely the fault of one man. not osama, not saddam. that one man is george bush. think about it. what are we going to do about it?

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