Saturday, March 17, 2007

...and now fur sumthins verrrry different

swing the cuteness meter over to high, it's lolcats. yeah, no bitching about politics, wars, injustice, or the weather today, cuz cute cute cats are here! thanks to gawker for ruining my reputation and pointing out this uber cute site with its very own syntax and unbelievably kute photos of kittinz and katz. I could look at "excuse me do you has a flavor" all day. yeah, I'm sick. One day I will blog about the backyard cats, tentatively named Willy, Pickles, Scooter, Fraidycat, and Garcia. But I would really have to discuss Henry and Jimmie first, and I have some pride left. Not lots, but some.

Perhaps I can redeem myself by urging contributions to the kill-free shelter where I got my current roommates, the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition. Their website seems to be down today but you can find it on the web.

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