Thursday, March 15, 2007

you senators can go fuck yourselves

Okay, sad to report that both Hillary Clinton (who I really dislike) and Barack Obama (who I really like) have massively equivocated on their response to General Pace's remarks. Both senators/presidential candidates refused to say "homosexuality is not immoral" when asked directly to comment on General Pace's statement. Both candidates chose to duck and focus instead on whether it was appropriate to inject personal beliefs into government policy. Both senators have issued somewhat conciliatory clarifications, but neither has said what they need to. Apparently it's okay to take lots of money from gay people, to say to our faces that they support us, but then refuse to stand up for us when we are not the only audience. Hillary, you're beyond redemption. This is probably strike 347. Obama, this is strike 1. Careful. That poster isn't staying up in my window when you get to 3.

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