Monday, March 12, 2007

calling all exorcists

So speaking of human sacrifice, according to CNN:

Mayan Indian leaders have vowed to "spiritually cleanse" an ancient site in Guatemala after U.S. President George W. Bush visits on Monday as he works his way through Latin America on a seven-day, five-nation tour.

Apparently the Mayan elders are concerned that Bush will be bringing along too many evil spirits. Perhaps they can smell the same sulfurous fumes that Venezuelan leader Chavez smelled. I can certainly smell them here in NYC. I recommend copious amounts of copal, a resin which is well-known in Central America and Mexico for its spiritually cleansing properties.

So yes, even the remnants of a culture which once practiced human sacrifice are finding Bush and his etheric coterie too horrifying. Perhaps this is because the Mayans had the wisdom to abolish human sacrifice, while Bush still practices it. Daily he offers up the blood of young Iraqi and American men and women to his evil gods. May the day come soon when all people learn the wisdom of the Maya and abolish this new human sacrifice.

I'm going to go burn some copal right now.

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