Wednesday, March 14, 2007

senator of the moral?

I was reading in the gay blog Towleroad about the varying responses to u.s. general Pace suggesting gay people are "immoral" and should therefore be excluded from the military. Excluding, for a moment, the obvious question of what the hell kind of morality is that that approves of killing arab children, women and men at will, but opposes human identity, (and for that matter why on earth gay people would WANT to join the military) I'm happy to hear NPR's favorite republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback show his true colors. Brownback has endorsed Pace's ideas and lauded his courage for expresssing his moral convictions. So I wrote Brownback a note on his website. It's a little wimpy. But here it is.

Dear Mr. Brownback:
I have never counted myself one of your supporters. But even I am surprised you would go to the depths of endorsing General Pace's characterizing gay people as "immoral" and lauding him for the courage of his convictions. As a gay man who had no choice in my hair color, eye color, skin color, or sexual orientation, I am hurt that you, in this day and age, would condemn so many people as "immoral". These are backwards, mean-spirited ideas. God creates us each one to be the special individual we are, and that means some of us are gay and some of us straight. Hold whatever politicsl positions you like; oppose whatever you disagree with: I can accept these even as I remain in disagreement with you. But I cannot, and hope the American people cannot, sit by idly while you, a senator of alledgedly all the people--and there are many gay people in Kansas--cavalierly sit in God's chair issuing condemnations and judgments. You owe gay Americans an apology.

I left out the nasty parts floating in my mind. Brownback's politics are slightly to the right of the late Ayatollah Khomeini and I'm actually shocked at how nicely he's treated by the press.

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