Wednesday, April 18, 2007

a good day in Baghdad?

so the shootings in Virginia were sad. one gunman, 32 dead, plus or minus. but frankly I'm a little sick of how special Americans think they are.

they marched into Iraq, killed a few hundred or a few thousand people, and by smashing a state, a society, a culture, opened the door to violence that has taken potentially hundreds of thousands of lives. these lives are 100% the fault of George W. Bush, his henchman, cronies, AND the people who voted for him. one deranged gunman? 32 dead teenagers? Imagine what it would be like to live in a country where a foreign country has destroyed everything your know to be familiar about your life, the good with the bad, and caused the death of that many people--at LEAST that many people--every day. Not once every few years, every DAY. where the soldiers of that country have the right with impunity to march into your house, look in your closet, look under your bed, arrest your mother, slap your uncle, shoot at your car while you're out for groceries, kill you, simply because, well, simply because nothing.

dead americans? dead iraqis? I don't see a difference. do you? are you really sadder today, than yesterday? than tomorrow? the campus at virginia tech is peaceful today. and will be tomorrow. Baghdad? Fallujah? Karbala? Ramadi?

Me, I'm out of tears.

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