Saturday, April 07, 2007

questions on Darfur

okay. so George Clooney--who is a hottie--and Mia Farrow--who is an apparent kook--notwithstanding, I am not convinced that the stories we read and hear about "genocide" in the Darfur region of the Sudan are as black and white as made out. here are my questions.
1. why have well-meaning movie stars become the most important "political" activists on Darfur? what does this say about politics? about americans? do they actually know more on the subject?
2. what exactly do they want to happen? do they want--as first, last, any resort--the u.s. to attack Sudan or intercede in some way militarily?
3. are the numbers of victims of the so-called genocide accurate? what is the population of Sudan? of Darfur?
4. why did the united states bomb the Al Shifa pharmaceuticals factory in the Sudan? was it a "terrorist" factory or a pharmaceuticals factory?
5. what is the relationship of Israel to the Sudan? to Chad? to China?
6. are there exploited or unexploited natural resources in Darfur, elsewhere in Sudan or in Chad?
7. who are the rebels in Darfur? what is their relationship to the u.s.?
8. given apparent Chinese economic dominance in Africa, how does the global competition between China and the u.s. factor in?
9. what did/does the South Sudan Liberation Army, a non-Muslim force, say about Darfur?
10. what does it suggest that near-fascist far-right senator Sam Brownback is allied with numerous liberal spokespeople on the subject?
11. advocates establishing a "no-fly zone" over Sudan similar to the one the u.s. military maintained over Iraq prior to the unprovoked American attack and invasion. how do they see that enforced?
12. also from "Bill Frist, a Nashville surgeon, is a former Senate Majority Leader from Tennessee. Each year he travels to Africa to serve as a medical missionary. This past February, Senator Frist returned to Sudan to see first hand the unfolding humanitarian crisis." That's a pretty misleading way to describe one of the most right-wing politicians in the u.s. ...what is the relationship of evangelical christians and neocolonialist missionaries to this so-called humanitarian issue? do evangelical Christians prosletyze among refugees?

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