Monday, May 31, 2010

Piracy on the High Seas

Well-armed pirates in international waters attacked and seized a flotilla of relief vessels bringing humanitarian aid to a beseiged community this weekend. Using attack helicopters, the pirates boarded these unarmed civilian vessels and killed as many as 19 innocent civilians. As many as sixty civilians have been wounded. Incredibly, spokespersons for the pirates claim that after they had boarded the ships uninvited from the air, "they were attacked and acted in self defense." The pirates, armed with sophisticated modern weaponry, were met with limited resistance by civilians wielding metal poles. Previous pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia from different pirate gangs have been far less violent and bloody. These pirates are known to be cruel and merciless, with a history of shelling on-shore civilian areas.

The pirate terrorists have been tracked to their sanctuaries in the so-called State of Israel. They are currently holding hundreds of their innocent victims as hostages in detention camps. It is believed that the pirates have been armed by the United States.

The freedom-loving people of the world must unite to put an end to these terrorist pirate havens in the region and establish democratic and secular rule.

PS Excellent analysis from English Socialist blog Lenin's Tomb: The Reason for the Slaughter of the Free Gaza Activists

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