Friday, July 30, 2010

Anti-American Art: A Long Memory

The Bush administration normalized relations with the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, after Libya abandoned any sort of weapons of mass destruction related activities, and after Libya agreed to throw a bunch of money and PR around to pretty up its reputation regarding allegations of involvement in terrorism in the 1980s. Not prettied up, apparently, was Libya's memory of the US attack on Libya in 1986. The above stamp was issued just in 2009 in memory of the bombing of Tripoli and Sirte. Inscribed "American Aggression Against Great Jamahiriya 1986 2009" the stamp shows a giant Libyan hand crushing an F-111 attack plane; one of which was indeed shot down during the raid. The random addition of a minaret to the allegorical illustration seems like a new development in Libyan propaganda on the subject. Compare this to the previous Libyan stamps on the subject, click the "Libya" tag below.


  1. Best thing Reagan ever did was to neutralize Kaddafi by bombing is house. An ugly response, but it sure shut him up/

  2. Are you a punk rocker or an apologist for neoconservatism?

    Killing children or other innocent people for political purposes is never acceptable.