Saturday, July 31, 2010

NOM Inspires Simple Message: Death to Gays!

"The Solution To Gay Marriage" is death, according to this disgusting sign recently carried to an anti-marriage equality rally in Indianapolis sponsored by the so-called National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a fundamentalist Christian group that seeks to subborn U.S. civil law to biblical teaching. While this sign is not an official NOM sign, its call to lynch gays for seeking the civil right of marriage is crystal clear.

NOM is in the vanguard of rightwing organizations fighting efforts to legalize same-sex marriage. It's bankrolled by the Catholic and Mormon churches, and has poured millions of dollars into legal challenges in a number of states. But as the Prop 8 trial in California shows, despite all NOM's talk about only being interested in preserving the special nature of heterosexual marriage, it really comes down to sheer anti-gay hatred and bigotry. Now, with NOM on tour where all its supporters aren't so coached in the dainties of obfuscation and false logic, the masks are off and the hoods are on. This sign, evoking Old Testament law (the only one selectively remembered by this calibre of bigot), is the honest brutal logic of NOM's campaign.

So far NOM has failed to distance itself from this hateful grotesquery, just as the Republican party has failed to distance itself from the racist and xenophobic displays of their teabagging right flank. So much for that pitiful lie of compassionate conservatism.

(Photograph from Bilerico blog, thanks to JMG for the tip)

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  1. So, are you going to apply the same law God ordered His people when a person broke the Sabbath & was to be stoned to death?
    In that case, you also should receive the same treatment.

    Read Numbers 15 & Exodus 16 & ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart for God's love TO AAALLL His precious creatures that HE died for us ALL sinners, including you & me.