Sunday, August 01, 2010

Anti-American Art: Holy Crap It's Coming This Way

"We will sweep away the US from the globe" reads this modern poster from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea showing a nuclear missile making a beeline for the star-spangled-banned coated US of A. Gone from this poster are the righteous Koreans workers and soldiers: this one is a pure military revenge fantasy. I'm pretty sure -- and pretty happy -- that North Korea's advancements in nuclear weapons technology don't include the successful development of the kind of offensive intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that would make this kind of attack a reality. That said, the DPRK is a tiny impoverished country being totally bullied by the U.S.; ringed by Japan, China, Russia and South Korea that's a pretty tough neighborhood and North Korea oughtta be allowed to invest in self-defense. It oughtta provide food, electricity, and information to its citizens also but that's another story.


  1. "DPRK is a tiny impoverished country being totally bullied by the U.S."

    wtf? The guy running the country is insane. He just sentenced his soccer coach to hard labor for losing the world cup!

    think about this... North Korea had pissed the entire world off and has no allies.

    Maybe they need to wake up and join the world.

  2. The government that rules the DPRK is repressive, and the family dictatorship at that head of the government has many unsavory and corrupt characteristics of royalty.

    That said, in addition to anti-American propaganda, there is also American propaganda, which you have clearly fallen victim to.

    You might want to look in to the history of Korea in the last century. It's not necessary to become a supporter of Kim Jong Il, which I am not, to recognize that the film Team America and all the similarly arrogant dismissiveness of North Korea is biased and dismissive of the real issue of a century of colonialism and neocolonialism.