Friday, November 19, 2010

Anti-American Art: When Wars Were Cold

Here's a cold-war era Soviet cartoon, I'm guessing ca. 1960. That's a giant Soviet Warrior wielding an enormous nuclear missile and a massive shield labelled "Warsaw Pact." Funny that he's supposed to look modern and menacing when he's decked out like a medieval knight and his hat is a cross between a Russian knight's helm and an early Red Army cloth hat. Anyway he's facing down a pint-sized chubby American with a puny little nuclear missile, riding a funny mule/missile headed hybrid labelled "NATO." Six years of Russian study and I don't remember what "Nadezhny Strazh" means, there on the bottom.

Somehow the world survived that nightmarish confrontation without nukes actually being used after the opening shot laid across the Soviet Union's bow by the United States in 1945. (You know, by the "good guys.")

See, there IS a God.

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