Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving?

To get you in the Thanksgiving mood, here's an oldie but goodie. Two years ago, after she lost the vice presidential election but before she quit the governorship, Sarah Palin was interviewed at a turkey farm while turkeys are seen being slaughtered in the background. And no, turkey farm is not a euphemism for the Palin house. Mercifully, if inexplicably, somebody has added a KC & The Sunshine Band track to this video which blunts the horrible gobbling of the doomed turkeys, I mean, of Quitter Palin. I don't blame you if you turn the sound down. Though you'll miss the discussion of "government programs on the chopping block" just as a turkey is stuffed down the head-chopping chute.

Watch this and then go read Frank Rich's NYT OpEd piece where he pretty much says she could be our next President. Happy thanksgiving!