Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Taking the country the 1850s

Writing this before midnight on election night, it seems that while several key teabagger politicians have been defeated, many many teabagger candidates won their elections. Republicans are now set to control the US House of Representatives, and the Democratic margin of control of the US senate is now paper-thin. Will professional liar John "Pumpkinhead" Boehner be Nancy Pelosi's replacement? Or will the "tea party" challenge him for house leadership?

While laughing-stock candidates like Delaware's anti-masturbation activist and teen Satanist Christine O'Donnell and stone-cold racist and bestiality fan Carl Paladino were defeated, others like "Ayn" Rand Paul and Marco "Gusano" Rubio coasted easily to victory.

The next two years will be, how to put this...interesting. The ultra-right marches on. Caveat emptor, Amerikkka.


  1. Nothing bad happened here in NorCal. In fact a couple of excellent pro labor candidates were elected, our very good representative was sent back to the house and Meg Whitman went down to defeat. However, I'm reminded of Ernest Callenbach's '70's novel, "Ecotopia", wherein Northern California and part of Oregon secede from the United States. Now I know why they closed all those military bases all over the state. They didn't want us to have our own army.
    Well, shit, Go Giants.

  2. Well your comment reminds me that if we can still laugh we haven't lost everything.

  3. i've been dying to make a point throughout all of this tea party nonsense, but i held back for fear of actually causing someone to vote FOR any of them.

    the vast majority, it seems, of tea party politicians aren't really much more than reasonable republicans who are only the wagon for the prospects of getting elected. the really insane ones (christine, carl, etc.) are the ones who gave the movement its labels, and they were the important ones to defeat. they lost, and the lukewarm do-nothings mostly won. i don't think much will come of this besides them trying to somehow STILL blame obama in two years because THEY didn't fix everything.

  4. freebones, yeah, I've read that argument elsewhere also. the lenin's tomb socialist blog in the UK I link to has a long piece that sort of makes that point.

    my concern remains though; I can't help thinking it was significant how far right the far right has gotten, with at least the silent consent of the less far right.

    the bottom line is that neither right nor center actually have much of a plan to improve the economy. paul krugman of the NYT seems to think the Republican approach will lead to the economy worsening.

    War with China anyone? That would create jobs!