Monday, November 29, 2010

When you turn on the lights...

...the cockroaches scatter. Congrats to Wikileaks for their bravery in releasing thousands and thousands of secret government espionage cables! It's official: the governments of the world are allied with each other against the people of the world.

Among the revelations: the conservative Arab monarchies all want the U.S. to attack Iran. American diplomats are all spies. The Fatah leadership of the Palestinian Authority and the Egyptian government gave their tacit assent to the genocidal Israeli attack on Gaza two years ago. The government believes its Afghan puppet, Hamid Karzai, is deranged, yet continues to funnel billions of dollars through him. U.S. foreign policy is basically slaved to Israeli policy. Looking good, America!


  1. i always wonder about the reach of such things. what do these documents show us, really? if the government is so corrupt, wouldn't it be possible for them to deliberately use wikileaks to spread false/distracting information? how do we know they aren't doing it now?

  2. I would say that is entirely reasonable paranoia on your point, freebones!

    Did you have a nice holiday?