Sunday, November 28, 2010

Anti-American Art: Promises Promises

It's another sabre-rattling entry in our Anti-Americana series courtesy of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. "Let's Wipe Out the US Invaders Forever" is what this poster reads, as the people's righteous rifle butt smooshes the tiny (except for their noses) U.S. army soldiers and their errant nuke. Though this poster is several years old, the map and the island below it seem like an almost prescient depiction of the current situation...I wonder what the Korean says on the island. I wonder if it's supposed to be Yeonpyeong, which is after all in vaguely disputed waters.

War between North Korea and South Korea or the U.S. would not be a good thing. Frankly, the American decision to send an aircraft carrier to the region, displeasing China, to engage in massive military maneuvers just off the coast of North Korea seems like a really really stupid idea.

Let me take this moment to recommend a post at Brother Peacemaker's blog, "Questions for a Docile Population." Brother describes two populations brainwashed to believe everything their government tells them. One of these peoples is the North Korean. You go figure out the second.

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