Sunday, December 05, 2010

Doug & Jean Carn Reunion?

Wow! A friend passed the above flyer to me: a reunion of Doug and Jean Carn in performance at Boys & Girls High School in Brooklyn on December 30. Spiritual jazz afficionados and groove heads will remember the three amazing albums they cut together on the legendary Black Jazz label in the early 1970s before going their own ways. Doug Carn later recorded an album as Abdul Rahim Ibrahim "Al Rahman! Cry of the Floridian Tropic Son" somewhat recently reissued on CD. Former wife Jean Carn went on to be one of the amazing voices behind Norman Connors's and Dexter Wansel's blends of spiritual jazz and sophisticated soul grooves, and then becoming a big star for Philadelphia International Records with a string of disco hits including the awesome "Was That All It Was." I'm trying to rustle up more information about this concert, and hopefully, a pair of tickets. Stay tuned!

Update: A review of this concert is now up at the top of the blog here.


  1. if you do go, i think a review would make an excellent cahokian post. ;)

  2. Yeah, I'm looking forward to your review. Verbalizing that evening is going to be an adventure. :-)

  3. And my review is up, at the top of the blog!