Monday, February 07, 2011

U.S. Trying to Derail Egyptian Revolution

According to the New York Times, "Vice President Omar Suleiman of Egypt says he does not think it is time to lift the 30-year-old emergency law that has been used to suppress and imprison opposition leaders. He does not think President Hosni Mubarak needs to resign before his term ends in September. And he does not think his country is yet ready for democracy."

Guest who the U.S. is lining up behind!

All of a sudden Hillary Clinton's State Department is all concerned with order more than democracy. American diplomats are huddling with Mubarak and his government. What's wrong with this picture?

(I first saw the above cartoon on Brother Peacemaker blog, though obviously it's from the Buffalo News)


  1. ...Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered am I.....

  2. Hard to watch. Well, it ain't over yet.

  3. And so the layers of the onion begin to peel.... the here to now 'unspeakable is spoken' ~

    "Israel's Reaction to the Uprising in Egypt

    February 07, 2011 —

    Martin Indyk, former U.S. ambassador to Israel and now director of Foreign Policy at Brookings, discussed the uprising in Egypt at a recent Meet the Press at Brookings event. Indyk said that Israeli leaders are very concerned about the impact of the departure of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on the peace process. Indyk also discussed how events in Egypt are impacting on broader issues in the Middle East, including Hamas in Gaza, Jordan and Iran."

  4. Thanks for the link, Annie.

    You might enjoy this article:

  5. Excellent article, thanks so much.

    An aside: Chris Matthews just commented that what SP should be patenting is a 'coo-coo clock' where she's the birdie that pops out every half hour. rofl