Tuesday, February 08, 2011

We have Al Jazeera in my neighborhood...

The Al Jazeera news network is providing indispensable coverage of the events in the Middle East with voices and perspectives quite different than the American media. Not surprisingly, Al Jazeera TV is not offered by American cable or satellite distributors. I've been reading that Al Jazeera is hopeful that the current events might motivate American cable to carry them, which would be a great thing.

I stepped over this flyer on the sidewalk yesterday on my way to work; it caught my eye and I thought...WOW, Al Jazeera is coming to my neighborhood! Then I actually read the flyer. God bless multicultural Sunset Park. That would be the Al Jazeera Vivero, where you can get cute little bunnies for $2.49 a pound, and have their, um, heads chopped off for tasty stew meat! Plus guinea hens, chickens, goats and, um, bulls. Fresh!

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