Monday, March 21, 2011

Anti-American Art: The Attack Last Time

A Libyan stamp dealer put together this video montage of all the Libyan stamps issued over the years commemorating the 1986 attack by Ronald Reagan's airforce on Tripoli and Benghazi which was a glorified (yet failed) assassination attempt on Moammar Al-Qaddafi. Only Qaddafi's adopted daughter and some civilians and civil defence fighters were killed that time. Many of these stamps have been noted here before, but hey a little "Carmina Burana" makes everything just a little more chilling.


  1. I almost commented to you last night after watching the news "Deja Vu All Over Again" - I certainly got the impression I had seen this 'movie' before.

  2. "Exum does some math:

    A Tomahawk Missile cost $569,000 in FY99, so if my calculations are correct, they cost a little over $736,000 today assuming they are the same make and model. The United States fired 110 missiles [Saturday], which adds up to a cost of around $81 million." - From The Daily Dish

    We spend on war like its after-dinner mints, and then tell the American people we can't afford healthcare for our citizens. I see a bunch of people in Congress whose noses are getting longer and longer by the minute. Tell the TRUTH the lies are getting much to painful.

  3. Thanks for that Annie. I'll make that my post tonight.

  4. i've done a lot of thinking about all of this since it began to happen, and i mostly agree with what you've said here, ish. but, remember that when GW went after iraq, it was completely against UN rulings, and it was with little international support.

    i agree that bahrain and yemen also need to be foci of our efforts, but with libya, it would look very bad if we, for the second time in a row, blatantly disregarded a UN ruling that we helped to initiate. obama is in a very tough spot here, and while his decision is indeed poor, i find the comparisons to GW to be a little bit hyperbolous. thoughts?

  5. Hey freebones.

    I've written a lot about what I see as hypocrisy in this situation, But the truth of the matter is I don't want a "no-fly zone" over Gaza or in Bahrain or in Yemen.... either. By pointing out how selectively those who frame the rationale for military action are doing so I'm trying to make a point about how what is being said about this conflict doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

    Isn't it convenient that Wisconsin is off the headlines? That the budget debate is off the headlines? That even the nuclear disaster is pushed to the bottom of the page? I'm not suggesting any kind of conspiracy, just that we as regular people, regular Americans, have a lot to do...and ruling the world should not be on that list.

    I'm obviously fascinated by world events. But in my opinion until we clean our own house, which will then help us to identify who our friends out there in the world, we're being distracted. I don't count anyone who has tomahawk missiles among that "we," by the way.

    Hyperbole about Obama. Thinking about that. I don't regret my vote. It was the right thing. It could be so much worse. But I don't think this is his proudest moment and I'm pissed off that his moral compass turns out to be no better than the Clintons.

  6. glad to hear your remarks about obama there. i think that criticizing him right now is a good thing. he deserves it, as we all do from time to time. but we musn't forget what he replaced, and what could have been in his place.

    headlines? you can't count on the headlines any more than you count on the DMV.