Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flashback: She Never Met A War She Didn't Like

Back when Barack Obama opposed the war in Iraq, his now Secretary of State supported it. No surprise that Hillary is leading the charge in America's latest adventure in foreign intervention. This clip is from 2002. I guess only the first time you send thousands of people to their deaths is difficult, then it gets easier, right Hillary?

Anyway, no matter 'cause it doesn't seem like anybody gets to vote on these things any more. And of course even sadder is that if the Republicans held the presidency we'd already also be at war with Iran.


  1. Last night for 90 minutes I enjoyed pure insanity - Peewee Herman on Broadway - and I was even able to laugh. Thanks P.

    Now back to more insanity, the kind you don't laugh at.

  2. On Fridays when I am driving I listen to NPR's Science Friday. A comment came up in the discussion last Friday which made my ears perk up. Here is a link to the full transcript of Friday's show:

    What caught my ear and made me go back and read the show's transcript was this:

    "Mr. LOCHBAUM: Well, it's related to that. In June of 1998, the Senate threatened to cut the NRC's budget by 40 percent. Five hundred NRC workers would've - had been laid off. What the Senate told the NRC was to stop enforcing its regulations. You're annoying all these plant owners with all these fines and all the requirements to fix safety problems, so just back off.

    So the NRC threatened with a huge budget cut like that. They did. They folded their tent and they went away. So, basically, NRC has been allowed to - it's kind of like MMS all over again."

    Go to the link and read the full transcript of the show or listen to it, it's quite an eye opener. And scarier than the dickens.

  3. Thanks for that Annie. Uggh. Don't you know that science is unAmerican????