Friday, March 04, 2011

Tea Party Rally turns into Fascist Hate Fest

This horrifying clip has been making the rounds of virtually all the blogs I read. I can't let it go by without sharing it here as well. The video is from the Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and it documents a California rally "organized by anti-Muslim bigots to protest a February fundraising event held by an American Muslim relief group for relief work and charity in the U.S." The video excerpts speeches by local elected politicians, as well as the crowd heckling attendees to the benefit. Attendees who include lots of women and children. Among the organizers of the hate rally were local teabagger, uh "Tea Party," groups, no doubt focusing only on issues of economy and small government (snark!). In it one can see elected officials proudly fantasizing about murdering some of their constituents.

This is some of the ugliest video I've seen. And unlike the numerous videos of stupid people and/or rightwing people and/or racist people and/or some combination of the above that have been making the rounds over the past two or three years, this doesn't show teabaggers wandering about in a teabagger environment. This shows the unbridled racist anger and hatred of teabaggers when they get a chance to actually interact with the objects of their disaffection. It's viscerally disturbing.

To those who say the Teabaggers are not a fascist movement, I present this as evidence. Be afraid, be very afraid.


  1. That is the most disgusting display of "Americanism" that I have ever seen. I am from Orange County and have family and friends there today. They are so proud of their Republican/American label - I wonder how they will feel after seeing this?

    I am seen as the odd-ball, the wrong-ball, the don't talk politics with her, don't turn on FoxNews when she's in the room person. But you know what, I can walk with my head held high, to be even remotely associated with these Yorba Linda Americans has to be the worst thing I can imagine.

    I will forward this on to the OC - but I doubt it will do more than add another kook-nail to my coffin.

    If I could win over just one, I would consider it a major victory.

  2. Good luck with that Annie. I know people like this are a small minority. They're just so damned LOUD.

  3. i'm putting this on facebook. i have plenty of friends that need to see this.