Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Liability's Debut!

The Liability - Kill The Lights from matt hall on Vimeo.

If you read my posts here on music the first thing that comes to your mind will not be "Oh yeah he's big into alternative indie rock!" And you'd be right. However even if they're not my first love I do like music from a lot of genres and I know good music when I hear it. My boyfriend Jesse, however, happens to be big into alternative indie rock, and not just as a consumer: he plays in several different bands. This clip is the opening number from the very first concert by The Liability, the band he organized here in New York City last year. The sound quality of the video here isn't perfect, but I really really love this song, called "Kill The Lights," written by his fellow band member Matt.

There are six guys in the band, all of them quite talented. Jesse is on keyboards. Paul handles lead vocals on this number. This first concert consisted of originals written by the various members of the band, and one cover (David Bowie's "Heroes.") The show was held at Fontana's down on Eldridge Street in Manhattan's Chinatown. Their sound is quite promising, and I can't remember the last time I walked away from a show like this with one of the songs completely stuck in my head like a good ear-worm. I've had friends in bands before and after seeing them perform I admit at times I've felt like I was fulfilling an obligation to support my friends without being really engaged by what I was hearing. Not so this: I'm really looking forward to watching these guys develop.

You can watch for upcoming Liability dates on their Myspace page.


  1. Did you do the graphic design for The Liability?

    I don't know if it was my speakers or just the quality of sound on the video but it didn't come through well at all, I could barely make out the words. Sorry, but I thought you would like to know.

  2. Hey Annie. No, I didn't do their design. One of the members of the band does design for a living also so he took care of that. Yes, unfortunately the vocal was miced a little low to begin with and the video camera used didn't pick up the vocal so well. On my computer anyway you get the general idea!. I saw the guy taking this video but I had no idea he was doing a whole sound and pictures process.

    I think they're gonna work on recording a real demo of the song.

  3. Oh great, maybe you will share the demo when it's done, I would love to hear it.

    I thought the graphic design was nice too.

    Have a great week!

  4. You too Annie. Hey do you miss Casey's blog as much as I do?

  5. I do miss Casey's blog. He's got the car thing going at casey/artandcolour/cars so if you are into talking cars check it out.

    I left a hello comment, but I felt like I had walked into a Men's Only Club lol

    I like reading what they all have to say though, it just leaves me speechless (that's hard to believe).

  6. Sneaky Casey! Believe it or not I don't even drive. I admire his obsession; it mirrors some of my own...but I don't know a carburator from a tailpipe.

  7. ohhh the drums just sneak in! i didn't even notice when they began. talented drummer, indeed. that takes untold skill.

    i have finally gotten a band together, although we play my other great love besides jazz: sloppy obnoxious hardcore music. perhaps if i get a video, i'll send a link your way. haha.

  8. I'd love to see it freebones! Perhaps you've told me before but what do you play?

  9. Here's a link to an article on gas pricing - what a lot of mumbo-jumbo, I am still scratching my head. Thank god no test on this tomorrow...

  10. Thanks Annie. I think I get the pricing issue. But if it doesn't actually wind up costing more money to get the oil and make the gas, somebody's making a huge profit. I wonder who that could be. :)