Monday, March 07, 2011

Where Are the jobs?

So I have a question.

Five months ago Republicans swept to power in numerous state houses, as well as in the House of Representatives in Washington. Conventional wisdom said that this was due in large part to the failure of jobs to materialize in the ever-so-slow recovery from the nation's worst economic crisis since before World War II.

Let's see what's happened. Nationally and locally the Republicans have:

Tried to repeal the modest healthcare reform
Tried to make abortion harder to get
Tried to redefine some kinds of rape as a lesser crime
Threatened to defend the Defense of Marriage Act that denies marriage equality to gay Americans from constitutional challenges
Tried to deny the right of people to protect themselves by organizing unions
Laid off or threatened to lay off hundreds of thousands of people
Given tax breaks to rich people
Organized hearings about the Muslim menace
Invited all sorts of crackpots and bigots to speak before congress
Killed major infrastructure advancement projects
Closed schools
Kicked poor people off medicare
Eliminated recycling from the Congressional cafeteria
Tried to cut off funding for PBS TV and NPR Radio
Tried to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood which provides healthcare, education, and the crucial proven abortion-preventative, contraception information and assistance

So where are the jobs?

Oh yes, the graphic. That's Nero on his fiddle. See Rome, in the background. Burning.


  1. Love it! Well done Ish, the facts speak for themselves. I think I will sit back and watch what happens...

  2. I had to add two more things when I got up this AM. I'm sure I'm missing more.