Saturday, July 23, 2011


Terrorism in Norway: the fruit of Islamophobia. Check out Mondoweiss.

The best possible result in the Washington debt game? Maybe it's no deal. Check out thinkprogress.

Amy Winehouse, RIP, sad, but her choices in life were pretty clear. She was a real talent.

The weather? Still impossible. Uh oh, out of iced coffee.


  1. Yes, poor Amy but she chose the path of destruction, I agree. When she was clean she was a delight to listen to...then there were those many other times she was a disappointment to her paying fans. I hope the highs were worth the price she paid. God knows there were millions rooting for her.

    I guess the 'highs' you are experiencing temp-wise is not something you asked for. Hot here as well but now on a 'cooling' trend.

    Norway of all places - I am sad.

    Re: the debt crisis: I like it when the President gets pissed off - he should do it more often. One thing this nation loves is a bit of "drama".

    That's it for me - peace!

  2. I read elsewhere someone saying how Amy Winehouse had really blazed a trail for a new generation of UK blue-eyed soul singers, which is sure true. She certainly was an original. Do you know Adele? Look for "Rolling in the Deep" if you don't.

    It's supposed to cool off a bit here tomorrow, as you can see.

    Peace to you too Annie.

  3. I know Adele but I had not heard "Rolling in the Deep" - I like it, she has an Amy-style voice, perhaps better than the recent memories of Amy.

    What is it with these kids, like Janis Joplin..........somewhere along the way they sell their 'soul'...


  4. If you're in the mood for downer here's a slideshow video put together by the Norwegian terrorist.


  5. oh Ian I could only watch about half of that video on the Norwegian terrorist - I just can't understand hatred that goes that deep. Make you wonder doesn't it?

  6. You might find this opinion piece by Ahmed Moor in AJE interesting:

    He closes with this question: "Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's words make it clear where Norway stands on the global war on right-wing extremism. Where does the US stand?"