Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love Triumphs.

I'll write about Islamophobia tomorrow. Today, love triumphed. Above, one of the first gay couples to get married today in New York City. God, am I gonna cry every time I look at my own blog now? (More pictures at Gawker, where I found this one.)


  1. Just watched the wedding at Gracie Mansion. Wow, they couldn't have picked a better couple for national television, the couple and their two darling daughters just over-flowed with love... good for them.

    And having one young daughter that displays a little impatience at Bloomberg's lengthy speech was icing on the cake. Yes....ditto "Love Triumphs".

  2. Another friend of mine said they watched that also...I missed it. Love is always a good thing.

    And hey, cold-hearted haters take note, look the sky hasn't fallen!

  3. yesterday i attended the wedding of one of my best friends in the world to her boyfriend of six years, and they made a point of saying at the reception, something to the effect of: "we are thrilled to be getting married today, because tomorrow, we will be able to watch as love triumphs in new york. we wouldn't have wanted to miss it."

    it was a simple thing to say, but given the number of their older and more conservative family members present, it really was gutsy and made me happy.

    i am so overwhelmed with joy today, and i don't even live in new york.

    what a beautiful thing.

  4. Here's a beautiful selection of photos of the day

    congrats to your friends, freebones. they sound like wonderful people.