Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Serving and Protecting

the raid on zuccotti park from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

Watch this until the end; Footage from yesterday. This should change your associations with Frank Sinatra forever.

And pretty sure the guy getting pepper spray washed out of his eyes was in a photograph published a couple weeks ago here.

They are clearly serving and protecting somebody besides you and me.


  1. it's hilarious to me that the right is so mad about this. every time someone wants to juggle loaded weapons on a unicycle in the middle of an orphanage while tanks parade through the background: IT'S OUR FREEDUM FRUM TEH SEKKUND AMMEM'NT! MURRIKA

    but peaceful assembly? no thank you, that certainly isn't anywhere in the constitution.

    fucking hypocrites. i'm so mad about this i can't even make a coherent or logical exaggeration. (see above)

  2. Funny how that works, right Freebones? That's a great point.

  3. I'll second that incoherent statement. You just have to remember that the 'right' is only concerned about their rights, not yours and mine. I mean what do we know?.....