Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It Ain't Over

Mayor Bloomberg's shock troops have smashed the #OWS encampment at Zuccotti Park. the peaceful, nonviolent encampment was violently attacked by riot police doing the state's bidding. The media was kept away in an attempt to let the goons brutalize the Occupy Wall Street protesters without public scrutiny. According to an activist quoted on radio, the police came in with knives, shredding the tents and sleeping bags and tarps of the encampment and turning the protesters' belongings into so much garbage.

RT points out that the encampment was shut down in advance of the planned November 17 day of action.

Bloomberg and his friends in the 1% are fooling themselves if they think this means Occupy Wall Street is going away. They have revealed to the world their true face, and it's not pretty. This thing isn't going away. Even my neighborhood in Brooklyn now has an Occupy movement. We can Occupy Together!

Update: Check out this post of overheard quotes at the police raid on Gawker: "Just overheard cops talking about the losers and faggots of the Occupy movement in Zuccotti. nice. #OWS"

#OWS is meeting this morning to determine how to respond.

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