Monday, November 14, 2011

"We'll Occupy the Offices of YOU!"

Two musical posts in a row: the above is the extraordinary song "We Are The Many" by Hawaiian singer/songwriter/slack key guitar master Makana. It's a beautiful and relevant song about the #OWS message and movement. The slideshow interspersed with Makana's song is brilliant, and as harsh to a certain party currently in the White House as that other one.

"So take heed of our notice to redress
We have little to lose we must confess
Your empty words do leave us unimpressed
The growing number join us in protest
We occupy the streets
We occupy the courts
We occupy the offices of you
Til you do
The bidding of the many not the few."

What a beautiful song, redolent of Dylan, protest folk music, even Latin American Nueva Trova. Crazily, Makana, was able to perform his song at the APEC economic summit in Hawaii in front of President Obama, who apparently didn't take note of the lyric. Not that it would have mattered if he did.

The words on Makana's website read, There is love. All else is propaganda." Occupy Together!

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