Sunday, March 25, 2007

lying sacks of sh*t

so I don't have a lot to say on this subject, except the obvious. george bush expects people to believe that his agents will testify on the fired federal attorneys issue only behind closed doors, not under oath, and with no record. such utter contempt for the american people. he belongs in jail, as does alberto gonzalez, karl rove, harriet myers, dick cheney, and his entire administration. after they rot in american jail for a while then they can be sent to the hague for prosecution as war criminals. enough!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

...and now fur sumthins verrrry different

swing the cuteness meter over to high, it's lolcats. yeah, no bitching about politics, wars, injustice, or the weather today, cuz cute cute cats are here! thanks to gawker for ruining my reputation and pointing out this uber cute site with its very own syntax and unbelievably kute photos of kittinz and katz. I could look at "excuse me do you has a flavor" all day. yeah, I'm sick. One day I will blog about the backyard cats, tentatively named Willy, Pickles, Scooter, Fraidycat, and Garcia. But I would really have to discuss Henry and Jimmie first, and I have some pride left. Not lots, but some.

Perhaps I can redeem myself by urging contributions to the kill-free shelter where I got my current roommates, the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition. Their website seems to be down today but you can find it on the web.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

you senators can go fuck yourselves

Okay, sad to report that both Hillary Clinton (who I really dislike) and Barack Obama (who I really like) have massively equivocated on their response to General Pace's remarks. Both senators/presidential candidates refused to say "homosexuality is not immoral" when asked directly to comment on General Pace's statement. Both candidates chose to duck and focus instead on whether it was appropriate to inject personal beliefs into government policy. Both senators have issued somewhat conciliatory clarifications, but neither has said what they need to. Apparently it's okay to take lots of money from gay people, to say to our faces that they support us, but then refuse to stand up for us when we are not the only audience. Hillary, you're beyond redemption. This is probably strike 347. Obama, this is strike 1. Careful. That poster isn't staying up in my window when you get to 3.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

senator of the moral?

I was reading in the gay blog Towleroad about the varying responses to u.s. general Pace suggesting gay people are "immoral" and should therefore be excluded from the military. Excluding, for a moment, the obvious question of what the hell kind of morality is that that approves of killing arab children, women and men at will, but opposes human identity, (and for that matter why on earth gay people would WANT to join the military) I'm happy to hear NPR's favorite republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback show his true colors. Brownback has endorsed Pace's ideas and lauded his courage for expresssing his moral convictions. So I wrote Brownback a note on his website. It's a little wimpy. But here it is.

Dear Mr. Brownback:
I have never counted myself one of your supporters. But even I am surprised you would go to the depths of endorsing General Pace's characterizing gay people as "immoral" and lauding him for the courage of his convictions. As a gay man who had no choice in my hair color, eye color, skin color, or sexual orientation, I am hurt that you, in this day and age, would condemn so many people as "immoral". These are backwards, mean-spirited ideas. God creates us each one to be the special individual we are, and that means some of us are gay and some of us straight. Hold whatever politicsl positions you like; oppose whatever you disagree with: I can accept these even as I remain in disagreement with you. But I cannot, and hope the American people cannot, sit by idly while you, a senator of alledgedly all the people--and there are many gay people in Kansas--cavalierly sit in God's chair issuing condemnations and judgments. You owe gay Americans an apology.

I left out the nasty parts floating in my mind. Brownback's politics are slightly to the right of the late Ayatollah Khomeini and I'm actually shocked at how nicely he's treated by the press.

Monday, March 12, 2007

calling all exorcists

So speaking of human sacrifice, according to CNN:

Mayan Indian leaders have vowed to "spiritually cleanse" an ancient site in Guatemala after U.S. President George W. Bush visits on Monday as he works his way through Latin America on a seven-day, five-nation tour.

Apparently the Mayan elders are concerned that Bush will be bringing along too many evil spirits. Perhaps they can smell the same sulfurous fumes that Venezuelan leader Chavez smelled. I can certainly smell them here in NYC. I recommend copious amounts of copal, a resin which is well-known in Central America and Mexico for its spiritually cleansing properties.

So yes, even the remnants of a culture which once practiced human sacrifice are finding Bush and his etheric coterie too horrifying. Perhaps this is because the Mayans had the wisdom to abolish human sacrifice, while Bush still practices it. Daily he offers up the blood of young Iraqi and American men and women to his evil gods. May the day come soon when all people learn the wisdom of the Maya and abolish this new human sacrifice.

I'm going to go burn some copal right now.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


The "Dirty Sanchez" fellow may be penalized for all this hou-ha over being a porn marine.

I'm going to say it.

I don't like the US government. I don't like the US marines. I don't like people who like the government. I don't like people who choose to join the marines. I don't like military/patriotic culture. I don't like Ann Coulter. I don't like people who choose to embrace Ann Coulter. I don't like people who go to conservative rallies. I don't like people who support the war. I don't like people who associate with people who think it's okay to use the word faggot in a hateful way. For that matter I don't like the kind of porn that Matt "dirty" Sanchez starred in, all plastic-looking people acting like robots. I don't like people who victimize gay people for who they are.

These people, they all deserve what they get. There are other choices, other paths. Choose an alternative.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


so I'm fascinated by anti-American propaganda. maybe it's just my mood. here's an OSPAAAL poster I just bought. this poster is gently suggesting U.S. troops leave South Korea "immediately". North Korean stamps also have some amazing propaganda images. I'll post some of those later.

stop the planet, I want to get off

apparently I am an alien who was kidnapped by earthlings and raised among them. however, now I'm hoping the mothership returns to pick me up soon because I'm no longer finding my anthropological studies of earthling behavior very interesting. it seems that earthlings, and a closely related subspecies, republicans, have values, experiences, and identities quite different than my own. I'm grateful to the mothership and the brave alien scientists who placed me here for making sure that the food, water, and atmosphere here on earth was compatible with our own back home on the planet, well, whatever it's called, but they failed to check for other toxic incompatibilities.

one of the blogs I read regularly which is quite interesting, is Joe. My. God. There's been a feature lately about this guy Dirty Sanchez--um, er, Matt Sanchez--a fairly unattractive and very shallow ex gay pornstar now hanging out with the likes of Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich. this pornstar is a typical mirror-gazing narcissist who is now denouncing Columbia University's student body for being leftist. he's a marine, apparently thinking now that he's spent years shooting jizz for the entertainment of gay men he'd like to go kill some Arabs. with my fellow gay men (and the bears who who are well represented by JMG) I'm horrified by this fellow. but more than that I'm horrified by what he represents. The ridiculous "facercise" exercises, the unappealing pornography, the unappealing over-gymmed body, the shocking right-wing politics, I can only draw the conclusion that I belong to an alien culture and have been accidently left here among this nation of narcissists.

I watched an episode of American Idol. Untalented narcissists caterwauling and whining. Each time I saw someone's so-caled singing praised I wondered how my own idea of actual musical talent could be so different than what America--hmmm perhaps I shoud bring back Amerikkka--seems to enjoy. Surely on my own planet singing is pleasant and tuneful: this alleged talent is apparently overly influenced by some earth-based viral contaminant.

Then there's Bravo TV. Often entertaining. Well, like watching a train wreck or a bad accident on the freeway. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Workout. Top Design. Who ARE these people? How did they get their heads trapped so far up their own sphincters? Do these people live their whole lives thinking absolutely....nothing? Perhaps global warming has overheated their brains and caused irreversible damage?

I could go on and on. I'm not sure if the alien overlords read blogs, but if you do, dear overlords, please send the Mothership soon, and hurry! Beam me up!