* About This Blog's Perspective

Welcome, friend.

This blog is about politics and struggle. I am a revolutionary: I do not believe that the oppression, exploitation and injustice that dominate the world can be ended by wishing or voting these things away. I am active in the Occupy movement: if you want to make a better world, you should be, too! While my views are not orthodox anything, I would describe myself as a communist influenced by anarchism. I am active in different networks of revolutionaries. While the legacy of Marxism and its descendant "isms" is an important starting place, a dogma that can successfully motivate and enable the majority of the world's people to throw off the class system and establish a fully just and cooperative human society is still a work in progress. I do believe that the fight for a world of peace and justice is a fundamentally spiritual pursuit.

This blog is about fighting racism, which should be the solemn commitment of every white person; and about fighting the fundamental injustice of US foreign policy, which should be the solemn commitment of every person who believes each world citizen is entitled to contribute to her own destiny.

This blog is about spirituality: I am unorthodox anything. I am an initiated Santero, olo Obatala, albeit one no longer actively practicing. While I recognize that religion has been used to brutally oppress, delude, and mislead people, the heart's quest for meaning and uplift is a mystery central to the human condition. Liberation is not a technical concept.

This blog is about music. There's a message in the music.

This blog is about living life true to one's self in full equality.

This blog is about me. I'm still learning. Sometimes I take pictures. I've been writing stuff down for years, under a variety of names.

This blog is about change: it's a work in progress, as I am. My consciousness is changing every day and so is yours. My own views have plainly evolved in the course of writing this blog. Feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear what you think.


PS to contact me, leave your email in a comment on any post with the words "not for publication" and I will write to you while rejecting the comment for publication.