Thursday, January 08, 2015

Racism is not funny

"The Proud Tradition of European 'Satirical Journalism – Islamophobia Is 21st-Century Anti-Semitism."

Worthwhile reads: "Western Values."

Lenin's Tomb on Charlie Hebdo

"This attack was nothing to do with free speech — it was about war."


  1. Religion is not a race.
    The term Islamophobia has only one purpose - to
    suppress any criticism, legitimate or not of Islam.
    Freedom of speech is in grave peril.

    1. 1) Freedom of speech refers to your right to say something without being thrown in jail; there is no peril to this by using the accurate term Islamophobia. While I am not arguing for racist islamophobes to be thrown in jail, people being shamed out of racist hate speech is a good thing. You SHOULD be embarrassed to be an Islamophobe.

      2) Islamophobes are not engaged in some theological debate over Islam, they are engaged in the demonization of an entire religion — a religion very similar to Judaism and Christianity in its essence — based on the actions of minorities of extremists. That generalization is called racism.
      3) It doesn't matter whether Islam is a race. It is highly racialized terrain: the perception of other. Most Americans thing Muslims are brown. They're not thinking of Bosnians or Albanians. Racism, as the manifestation of the system of white supremacy, is about what's going on the minds of the racists not the reality of biological condition.
      4) It's ironic that racists like you complain about "suppressing criticism" when your denial is actually designed to shut down criticism of Islamophobes. Try again.